Wolfenstein: Machines of Death is a Doom total conversion created by jazzmaster9, being released on April 14, 2018 and is a sequel to Shadows of Destiny. The mod, instead of being inspired by AReyeP's work, is now inspired by WSJ's Project: Eisenritter, with the enemy sprites, locations, but it does have some new art and music by the author himself.

Story (After beating Prologue) Edit

After defeating Hans Grosse, you enter his office, grab the documents and escape the castle. As you walk towards the extraction point you begin reading the files. What you saw inside sent chills down your spine!

It looks like the experimentation on undead soldiers did not stop with the Spear of Destiny. Project: Eisenfaust has continued in the German Alps with a new power source, The Holy Grail.

This must be stopped!

Levels (can be played separately or in one long session) Edit

Prologue Edit

Iron Fist Edit

  1. Arctic Frost
  2. White Noise
  3. Logistics Center
  4. Mortuary
  5. Lab Sector A
  6. Lab Sector B
  7. Doctor Bergmann
  8. Blue World Order (Secret Level)

Escape Edit

  1. The Great Escape
  2. The Black Forest
  3. The Shipyard
  4. Boat Ride To Hell
  5. Robotechnics
  6. The SS Shuffle
  7. General Staatmeister
  8. Haunted (Secret Level)

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