Wolfenstein: Shadows of Destiny is a Doom total conversion created by jazzmaster9, with the final version 1.2 being released on December 12, 2017. The mod is heavily inspired by AReyeP's work, especially Spear: End Of Destiny, with the music, enemy sprites and locations.

Story Edit

World War II rages on.

The Nazis are on the verge of defeat.

Out of desperation the Nazis have stolen the Spear of Destiny and are planning to harness its power to raise an army of undead Super Soldiers and turn the tide of the war.

According to intelligence, this plot was instigated by the SS Paranormal division headed by Baron Von Schmitt.

It is now up to Agent William Blazkowicz to assasinate Von Schmitt and retrieve the spear.

Get Psyched!

Levels Edit

  1. The Hedgerow
  2. Cellar
  3. Administration Area
  4. The Outer Keep
  5. Superclone
  6. Dungeon
  7. Central Office
  8. Pathway
  9. The Inner Keep
  10. Baron Von Schmitt
  11. Torture Chambers
  12. Uberrobot
  13. Abandoned Quarters (Secret Level)

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