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A port of the SNES version of Wolfenstein 3D using ECWolf and Executor’s Second Encounter level set as a base. Also includes an optional music add-on with .OGG rips of the original SNES music. Version 2, released in May 2019, uses an all new XLAT and the original SNES maps, ripped directly from the SNES rom. Version 3, released in September 2020, adds a more authentic status bar, as well as two alternate graphic versions based on the original MS-DOS version (x64) and on the Mac port (128x). Essentially overtook the previous Project Wolf3D SNES attempt.


  • Assets and maps ripped and modified from SNES Rom by AstroCreep (thanks to Adam Biser for his SNES ripping tool)
  • HUD Graphics modified from ECMac 

ECMac Credits

  • id Software
  • Macplay/Interplay
  • Logicware
  • Ninjaforce Entertainment
  • Gray Matter Interactive
  • Laz Rojas
  • DoomJedi
  • Captain J.
  • Flynn Taggart
  • osjclatchford
  • S.D.A.Team
  • Fox666
  • DenisBelmondo
  • Ringman
  • Pallin
  • LkMax
  • Wiw
  • HazeBandicoot

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