Wolfenstein 3D: Fourth Encounter is the first mod made by Orka for the ECWolf/LZWolf source port. Despite it's name it has nothing to do with the Mac Wolfenstein 3D encounters. It contains 27 new levels (+ 3 secret levels) seperated in 3 chapters. The story is a funny-ish retelling of the original missions. Has some graphical changes, new enemies, a secret weapon, custom soundtracks (original ones and music from other games).


As mentioned before, the story is similar to the original missions', that includes Hans Grosse as Hansel von Fickenberg, Doctor Schabbs as Dr. Franz Schabbs (there is also his brother Dr. Gunther Schabbs who is a Fatface replacement that wasn't in the original missions, but whatever...) and Hitler as the Staatmeister.

Music List

The game uses both the original Wolfenstein 3D / Spear of Destiny tracks and some others that are listed down below:

  • Title theme "TITLEMUS.OGG" - The original title theme from the Mac version of Wolfenstein 3D
  • E1M2, E2M2 "ROCKIN.IMF" - composed by Orka
  • E1M4, E1M8, E2M8, E2M10, E3M4 "HEAVY.IMF" - composed by Orka
  • E1M5, E3M7 "ACTION.IMF" - OST from the NES game P.O.W.
  • E1M7, E2M3, E3M8 "ACTION2.IMF" - composed by Orka
  • E1M9 "HANSEL.IMF" - a mashup of Super Mario RPG - Fight Against Smithy Who Likes Transforming and Doom - Dark Halls (E1M3) made by Orka
  • E1M10,E2M1, E3M6 "SAD.IMF" - composed by Orka
  • E2M4 "HURRY.IMF" - OST from the NES game Guerrilla War (USA) / Guevara (JPN)
  • E2M9 "SCHABBS.IMF" - OST from the NES game Guerrilla War (USA) / Guevara (JPN) slightly edited by Orka


The following is ripped from the "W3DFE_credits.txt" file:


SNES Backpack sprite ripped by: IB

Outdoor scenery (Trees & bushes), Wehrmacht, Elite SS, Standard SS, SS Officer, Kommandant (Gretel replacement), Raketenwerfer (Otto replacement) sprites made by: WSJ

Flammenwerfer SS (Elite soldat, Fake Hitler replacement), Devil (Voider's General, Pacman "Blinky" replacment) sprites made by: Captain J

HUD weapon icons edited from Resident Evil inventory icons.

Jaguar Wolf font rip by DenisBelmondo


Wehrmacht, SS Officer, Kommandant, Devil & Mutant sounds by: WSJ

Bunker guard sounds taken from: DieHard Wolfers TC

Secret stuffs:

AReyep, WSJ

Coffee Break helped me understand how custom HUD weapons work.

Operation: Serpent helped me understand how custom soundsequences work.

Special thanks to the ZDoom Community.

PS.: And special thanks to the Wolfsource community.


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