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Welcome to the Wolfenstein 3D Wiki[]

Walls of text welcome.

Help us complete the Wolfenstein 3D PC mod catalogue! Many mods from 2020 and 2021 are still missing, largely because a certain duck has been rather lazy these days. Go add pages on those mods.

If you happened upon this place by accident and would like to participate in the wider Wolfenstein 3D community, here's a few places to get you started.

And quite a few websites, forums and Discord servers to suit your needs:

What is this about?[]

Feel free to contribute content about Wolf3D, other games built and released on the same engine, or about the community, your favourite modders and their creations. Then get mad at people editing your precious article. Meanhwile, here's a few pointers to help get you started.

  1. While currently heavily focused on mods and modders, this wiki is meant to encompass all sorts of topics related to Wolfenstein 3D and derivative games. If you want to talk about your favourite Wolf website, the history of DieHard Wolfers, a shareware 1.0-specific bug or an obscure Blake Stone mapset - go ahead, make a page and get typin'.
  2. Everyone who has ever worked on a mod is encouraged to visit that mod's page and post an author's editorial (see example), reminiscing about the development and stating their retrospective opinions. And if you know how to create a tab (I don't), feel free to come up with an YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) tab that can contain statements and opinions that appear to be common in the community, but still too opinionated to fit the main article.
  3. We allow informal language, humor, and even outright memes. This has apparently caused some controversy. No, I don't know why either. You are entirely free to: 1) not use memes if you don't want to; 2) not read pages you don't like (there's a thousand more to browse anyway); 3) discuss the use or overuse of memes in particular pages in the comment section; 4) edit in crucial information yourself if you feel a page is missing it. It's a wiki, you know.
  4. Don't remove existing information without a very good reason. If you think the content of a page requires serious revision, please present your proposal on the talk page. And of course, don't vandalize pages. Persistent vandalism will result in pages getting locked and perpetrators getting banned.

What am I supposed to do?[]

I dare say we have grown a lot and have a ton of content, much more actually than I expected when initiating the project. However, as already iterated above, mods from the years 2020 and 2021 are badly underrepresented on the wiki as things stand. I believe this is something worth prioritizing: if you want to do something for this wiki, add a page for some missing mod.

Other than that? The following categories and lists already have plenty of content, but the work never ends. Get going:

Mods and community:

"Most wanted" pages:

Info on the base games:

Latest activity[]

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