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Wolfenstein Forever is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Barry Christian. It was likely slated to be released along with the mod's announcement on August 17, 2008 on the Wolfenstein 3D Dome, but was never officially released.


In August 2008, Christian had returned after many years away from Wolfenstein 3D modding. Numerous updates were heard on the project in coming years, but no proper release surfaced, though the mod was uploaded on the Wolfenstein 3D Vault yet not posted.

Other mods of Christian's that had languished for a long time, including Blitzkrieg, were released, however, retrospectively, with the launching of the Wolfenstein 3D Vault. One can only guess that Christian intended for Wolfenstein Forever's release at some point in time.


The mod eventually morphed into Passage to Höllenteufel, and as that mod got finished and released, Christian may have thought it unnecessary to put out Wolfenstein Forever.

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