Wolfenstein Taleban Edition (also known as Kill Osama or 9/11) is a mod by Steven L. Pappas though it has also been listed as being by Chris Pappas.

It was based on registered Wolfenstein, using Himmler's SS as its base.

8 levels are featured, found on E1L2-E1L4, E1L9-E1L10 and E6L7-E6L9. All are of poor quality and seem haphazardly put together.

The mod is dedicated to those that lost their lives in the September 11 attacks. Guards have been equipped with long beards and tall hats resembling turbans (or paper chef's hats) in order to look like Taleban soldiers.

Supposedly Osama bin Laden is the main boss, even if most replacements turn out like lo-fi Chef Boyardees.

Files date to April 2002 and it was posted on the Dome on April 25, 2002. As mentioned earlier, the mod was based on Himmler's SS, but that mod's author, Luke Strauman, was never properly credited, and for this reason the mod was withdrawn from the Dome on June 9, 2002.

The mod was still listed on Mr. Lowe's yellow site through 2003, however, where the author name was listed as Steven L. Pappas.

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