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Wolfmaster, also known as The Wolfenstein 3D Super Upgrades Pack was a series of map sets that were simultaneously released, curated by Carlton Griffin. It was released sometime in 1994, with several of the sets featured already having been a fixture on the BBS download scene.

Many of these sets were also released as stand-alone sets later, either located by Brian Lowe or patched by Andy Nonymous. Some sets, however, are unique to the Wolfmaster set.

48 sets are featured, each having been assigned a letter until the alphabet runs out; it is then named set AA, BB and so on. Some sets are incomplete, duplicates, or feature levels from different sets altogether; the authors described herein have therefore based their maps on different sets of GAMEMAPS rather than those of registered Wolfenstein 3D.

Set Title Author Number of maps
A So You're Death Incarnate, Huh? / Run Like Hell Carlton Griffin 17
B Ruins of Castle Wolfenstein The Maverick 9
C The Renovation BJ Rowan 60
D Wolf 3D Modified Maps David Bruni 30
E Temporary Insanity Nathaniel Rudiak-Gould 30
F Operation: Overkill Randall Penn 10
G Enigma's Nightmare Part 1 Enigma-13, Ix, Frank the Rabbit 10
H Enigma's Nightmare Part 2 Enigma-13, Ix, Frank the Rabbit 10
I Enigma's Nightmare Part 3 Enigma-13, Ix, Frank the Rabbit 10
J New11 (registered) Lane Routhe, Geoff Hill, Ideas from the Deep 30
K Shankenstein Larry J. Shanker 60
L NEWLEVLS Jill Gallup 10
M Wolf316 John Edivards 30
N WOLF2GAM Don Christian 9
O Untitled Unknown author 17
P Wolfenstein 3D Add-On Bryan Baker 10
Q Death Maps for Wolf 3-D Chris Gregg 7
R Wolf1 1 The Kid 10
S Wolf1 2 The Kid 10
T Untitled Alan Zeman 10
U Wolfmm Unknown author 10
V WOLFNEW1 Gary Cook 10
W Dungeons of Death Unknown author 10
X wolf_3a Bobby Palmer 3
Y Untitled Steve Barber, Brandon Kraus 5
Z Untitled Unknown author 10
AA Wolf1 1 The Kid 10
BB Wolf1 2 The Kid 10
CC Custom Maps Pack The Maverick 25
DD Untitled Pete Davison 10
EE Untitled Unknown author 1
FF Wolfenstien 3D ~2~ Adam Chapman Too many
GG Wolfen60 Various; compiled by Warren Buss 60
HH Nat_W3d Nathaniel Rudiak-Gould 10
II Fear of Vengance Adam Chapman Too many
JJ Untitled; same as set Z Unknown author 10
KK Wolf1 1 The Kid 10
LL Wolf1 2 The Kid 10
MM WOLF2GAM Don Christian 20
NN Untitled Unknown author 9
OO WOLFLEV1 Bobby Palmer 1
PP Castle Wolfenstein 3-D New Game Map Keith Heitmann 10
QQ Untitled Unknown author; compiled by Carlton Griffin 4
RR Untitled Unknown author 10
TT Untitled; same as set EE Unknown author 1
UU Untitled; same as set EE Unknown author 1
VV ZapMap The Brick 4
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