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Wolfrain is the seventh and final mod made by Fred Kenny. It was released on July 4, 2004.

The graphics were again bizarre, being mainly rainbow-colored, with all guards and bosses having only their heads included. Many sprites were also changed in colors, probably reversed in Microsoft Paint or something to that effect.

As with Kenny's other sets, no other levels than those from Wolffred are featured, this time with a custom EXE based on registered Wolfenstein. It features 110 % health, 200 ammo and changed ceiling colors.

The story line is as follows:

This adventure takes place about 200 years from now.
In this adventure you are Fred R Blazequick, great great great grandson of William J Blazequick (B J to his friends) a famous WW II American agent that gave the enemies HELL.

Well those nasty Nazzis are at it again.

Well THIS time the Nazzis have taken over a space station that is vital to the (U P F) - (United Planetary Federation).
The Nazzis thought they killed you on the planet Thorgrad in the Alpha Beta Gamma star system. Well they were WRONG and right now you are STEAMED, and as with B J, this time IT'S PERSONAL!!

This marks the first time one of Kenny's mods came with all files included.

Being released two years after Kenny's other mods it proved to be his last.

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