Wolfram is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by Thomas Weiling. It was never finished. The unfinished mod was released on July 1, 2006.

The coding was made by Dean, who also offered the source code to those who might be interested.

Wolfram was created in the wake of All This & Wolf 3D v1.0's release, and was put together in a few days. Thomas resumed All This & Wolf 3D soon after, and Wolfram would never be finished for this reason.

Envisioned as a loose-concept follow-up to Nazi Operation, Wolfram included a lot of graphic changes, and had an EXE that included secret levels, an ability to get 300 ammo, many new objects and changed ceiling colors.

Most graphics were found in other mods, though Thomas did convert a sprite from Operation: Body Count (a vending machine). Among the mods were:

Additional sprites were found on the Image World.

Only one full level was finished for the mod, and though Thomas released a mod that collects contributions and stray levels that were not included in sets available in SDL, Odds and Ends, this particular level remains available only in Wolfram.

As with most pre-2006 releases (including demos and certain mods) Wolfram was deleted from the Dome news site by Brian in October 2007 by request from Thomas. The download link is still active, however.

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Download Wolfram at The Wolfenstein 3D Dome

Credits screen. Author is listed as "Tom Weiling" and a different Wolfenstein 3D logo is added.

Guards came from WSJ's Heer Pack collection. The ceiling fan originated in a John Bucksnort mod.

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