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Wrath of the Hedgehog II: Milly F. Fox Saves John the Hedgehog is a mod for registered Wolfenstein, made by John Hedgehog.

Initially released on January 20, 2001 various updates were posted, including an extensive Read This, and a number of mapping and coding fixes. Coding was done by Brian Lowe, who also stated at the time it was the most advanced coding he contributed. Parafriction also assisted.

Despite featuring coding changes, all 60 maps were still Creator-based and no new title screen was made, though menu colors were changed to bright blue. Episode names were changed as well.

The storyline is incredibly brief, with the main focus in the Read This being the level guide:

It's 3235 and people are still quite shaken at what the War of the World has done. The Nazi's plan to attack villages. John Hedgehog was captured and needs to be set free. He's at a camp in the village. You are Milly F. Fox, and you have to save John.

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