Xmas Wolf is a mod for shareware Wolfenstein, made by Bob & Adrienne. It dates from December 1993 and was for many years a fixture on numerous download sites, before being ported and fixed up by Colonel Bill in December 1997. This port was also released in SDL thirteen years later.

The original set featured 10 levels, most of which were based on the original Episode 1 levels. Some had minor tweaks, others had more distinct changes.

Graphics were all Christmas themed, with guards being Santas, the SS guards being snowmen and Hans Grosse being Santa Claus. New sprites were also replaced with presents, Christmas trees, small snowmen, tin soldiers and other festive decorations.

Wall decorations featured festoons, bells, festive messages and even a picture of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Easter egg (Christmas egg?) Edit

The opening level features an Easter egg of sorts at the beginning; instead of going forward when starting the game, turning around reveals a room with images of people (suspected to be Bob & Adrienne or friends/relatives of theirs) and a host of messages written on walls, including Santa is a fat git and Ho bleedin' Ho!

Availability Edit

With Colonel Bill's 1997 port, the original Bob & Adrienne set fell by the wayside, and it was his port that was used in the December 2010 SDL release. This port featured tweaks to the maps, including leaving out the aforementioned Easter egg room.

The original set was however used as the base for Arielus' Xmas Wolfenstein 3-D. This includes the original VSWAP which mistakenly dates from 1990 (most likely due to a computer bug).

Furthermore, the original set only consisted of a changed VSWAP and map files, and functions with shareware Wolfenstein v1.4, making it playable in SDL.

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