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YASHHER is a mod for ECWolf, made by TEPA6ANT. It was first released as a demo, featuring 6 levels, in July 2018. Later, on 2nd May 2021, the full version was released.

The mod features a reptilian protagonist who battles various enemies; imagery is borrowed from Astrostein and MAC Wolfenstein but the mod features a slew of new graphics and sounds, in addition to all written material (end screens, menu etc.) being in Russian.

The mod features a number of interesting new weapons, but can prove quite a challenge, as the protagonist often starts out with low health.

The game story is told in comic book format, which is shown at the beginning, middle, and end of the game.

On February 15, the mod was removed from Moddb at the request of the author.


World in game takes place in the distant future, in the 26th century. In this world left only three states: First, Inkog и Hellki. Between them there is a war called as "Last Three Nation War".


The story of the game takes place on behalf of the soldier Bill Ergon, who is fighting on the side of First. In one of the fights with Hellki he was defeated. But since Bill survived, he was captured and captured. He was redirected to the Bitop-9 complex, where his was exposed to one of the Hellki technologies, referred to in game ReadMe as "A979-31". "A979-31", according to game ReadMe, is Hellki's shower stall-like technology that turns a person into a lizard-like creature, referred to in game ReadMe as "PM-YA9". During the transformation of Bill into "PM-YA9", a malfunction occurs and he wakes up ahead of time, thereby retaining his mind. And because of this, understanding who he is and where he is, who is an enemy and who is a friend, he grabs the machete that is nearby and kills the first station worker. And then the game itself begins.

Demo version[]

Ending after level 6, the mod features a unique end screen featuring the protagonist and a disemboweled enemy.

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