Zone Borders is a Spear of Destiny mod released by Officer-Michael John mid-2017. It contains seven new levels and an assortment of coding and audiovisual features. Includes source code.


1953. october 31. On Halloween's night the Nazis went to cementery,that they respawn again Hitler. They can't dominate him the World. BJ listened,that he's enemy what does. He will prevent the crazy plan. But he is not in possession of it Spear of Destiny so you have to steal it. Good Luck BJ on dangerous action!


  • WSJ (Wolf Skevos-Jones):Graphics,sounds
  • Wolf3DGuy:Graphics create helps to Me (Guards,SS & Flamethrower guard,Signon screen with Me),Beta testing
  • Chris Chokan:Code helps 
  • Gerolf:Beta testing
  • ID Software:Graphics,sounds,musics and source code

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